At some point after an accused has been arrested, they will be interviewed by the Travis County Pre-Trial Services Office to see if they qualify for what is known as a personal bond.  The Pre-Trial Services Office uses strict criteria to determine if a person is eligible for a personal bond and, very often, a person will not be approved for a Personal Bond in Travis County unless an attorney is retained. You can contact me, Diana E. Buss, at (512) 626-6117 to discuss possible representation.  All jail release fees go towards future legal representation.

When someone is arrested late at night or very early in the morning, they usually will not be magistrated or be seen by a judge to have their bond amount set until the following day or sometimes even later. Also, depending on the number of individuals arrested at the time or the number of inmates at the Travis County Jail, it can take the Travis County Pre-Trial Services Office over 12 hours to approve or deny a bond for someone that has been arrested. However, most people in the jail want to be released as soon as possible. By having an attorney working to speed up the jail release process and to potentially help an individual qualify for a personal bond, we can usually help your friend or loved one get out of the Travis County Jail much sooner.

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